A Clearinghouse for Elementary and Middle School Teachers' Freedom Projects

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Norman Rockwell translated FDR's Four Freedoms speech into paintings depicting real people  living and learning about the freedoms in their everyday lives.
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The symbols for the 4 freedoms are depicted on a picture of planet Earth as seen from outer space.

What are the 4 Freedoms?
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Worship
Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear

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You are probably already teaching about the concept of freedom, which is commonly embedded in many social studies topics! 

To submit a completed freedom project, format in PDF for text and .jpg for pictures (3-4 pages). If published to YouTube, TeacherTube, or Vimeo just send link. For Freedom Projects Submission Application, Judging Criteria, Sample Projects, and Accepted Projects click here--->Freedom Projects

Curriculum Orientation

Our hope is that teachers will enjoy this site as a resource for developing/sharing creative curricula by providing overall frameworks that challenge students to think critically about the concept of freedom. Because we respect teachers' judgment concerning students' needs, we do not expect curriculum plans to be standardized. Teachers are in the best position to provide detailed directions/approaches that meet their students' needs, abilities, interests given the students' backgrounds.

The History of 4 Freedoms

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered a speech to Congress in 1941 called "The Four Freedoms." That was just before the United States entered World War II. President Roosevelt said in his Four Freedoms speech, "Enduring peace cannot be bought at the expense of other people's freedom."

About 4Freedoms4Kids

This is a site created primarily to support elementary and middle school teachers in creating and implementing freedom projects with their students. Other adult professionals and children are also welcome to adapt the ideas to their own settings, such as after-school clubs, camps, or scout organizations.


This website is a clearinghouse for elementary teachers across the globe to adapt posted projects that work in their own particular settings. Project contents/approaches can vary widely, either focusing at local grass roots level or connecting children internationally.

Even though FDR and Rockwell were Americans who created and inspired the noble ideas and paintings of the 4 freedoms, this website is for ALL cultures, for all people committed to educating children about the meaning of freedom.

 For questions or comments email us at 4freedoms4kids@gmail.com

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